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Santa Fe parade train
Friends of the 261 locomotive
Train Rides
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If you missed the sights and heart-pounding sounds of double headed 2-10-2 steam locomotives storming up Inner Mongolia’s legendary Jingpeng Pass, another opportunity awaits! ONLY this time, it is a triple header, right here in the U.S.A.

Being up close and personal to a triple headed steam excursion is a birthday I will always remember!

Travels this birthday included 30 minutes of instruction in a Boeing 737!

Highway travel included 1500 miles in a new Corvette!


Only Triple-headed steam locomotive train in 5 decades.
#6988 and #7081 Chinese QJ steam locomotives and
Milwaukee Road #261 American steam locomotive

Chinese steam locomotive
#261 meets #6988 & #7081
Tripleheader - Mississippi river
Tripleheaded Steamer ready
First Class luxury
Premier Class - Super Dome
Sky Top 'Cedar Rapids' lounge
Frank Sinatra's favorite car
'Red' takin' pictures
Waiving from Frank's seat
Taking pictures
So Happy
There is a train on every shirt
Bureau Junction, Illinois
Pulling out
First class car, then 3 'premier'
'Red' waiving at steam locos
Ready to depart
Filling up with water
Return trip starts
Return trip arrives-10 hour day

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